The Body Scan meditation.

1) Make sure you are sitting comfortably, that your back is reasonably straight and your knees and hands are well supported. If you are sitting on cushions ensure that they are at the correct height so as to prevent leaning backward or forwards. Try to move as little as possible during meditation, if you must move try to do it slowly.

2) Close your eyes if you wish and mentally dedicate the next few minutes to the meditation.

3) Begin by tuning in to whatever sounds you can hear, try to treat them as ‘pure sound’ within your experience.

4) After a few moments shift your awareness to your visual experience.

5) Next notice your senses of smell and taste, pay particular attention to the ‘feeling’ aspect of these, is it pleasant, unpleasant or neutral ?

6) Now bring your awareness down to the soles of your feet and gradually move your point of focus up your body until you reach the crown of your head. It may help to imagine the crown of your head being pulled gently up by a ‘silken cord’.

7) Now expand your awareness out to include the whole of your experience, trying not to become too attached to any particular aspect of it. It is good to treat passing hindrances with 'sky like' attitude - you can try viewing them as passing clouds.

8) When you come to end the meditation take a few minutes to review how it went before getting up.