The Mindfulness of Breathing.

1) Run through a brief bodyscan meditation first.

2) For the first stage count at the end of each outbreath from one to ten, starting again at one. You could even try challenging yourself to count all the way to ten !

3) For the second stage count at the beginning of each inbreath from one to ten. Particularly notice any expansive feelings.

4) For the third stage drop the counting and expand your awareness to include the whole of the breath. You can relax into the practice at this stage - with the faith to 'just let it happen'.

5) For the fourth stage focus on the point where you perceive the breath to enter the body - or the top of your nose, while maintaining a sense of the whole breath. You are aiming for an overall sense of 'focus and breadth' in this stage. tips: If your mind wanders gently bring it back to the breath. If you feel sleepy open your eyes for a few moments.