A guide to setting up your own meditation practice.

To have an effective practice your first requirement is for a suitable space where you can easily go for a regular daily period of practice. The following points should help you create a suitable space for this :

1) Chose a place where you live that is reasonably quiet and preferably will not be used for other things ? this could be just the corner of a room.

2) Put some effort into making it a pleasant place to sit, consider using incense (or an oil burner), flowers and maybe adding a Buddha Rupa or some other inspiring object or picture.

3) Set aside a regular time during the day to meditate, make sure you have a clock or watch within easy view if time is a limiting factor. It is best to meditate at least two hours after a meal.

4) Take time before each session to set up your space ? lighting candles and incense etc.

5) Start your practice with sessions of about 15 to 20 minutes a day, including a 5 minute body scan.Spend some time at the end of each session to review how your practice went, you could consider keeping a meditation diary.

6) Try not to rush onto your next task.

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John Bradford 2013

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