The Metta Bhavana.

1) Select the subjects for each stage before you begin, remember not to use people who are a lot older / younger than yourself, who have died or who you fancy !

2) In the first stage (after a body scan) to help get into a 'mettaful' mood you can try looking for any positive aspects of your current experience. Keep this in your awareness and wish yourself well regardless of any objective situation or any habitual self view.

3) In the second stage bring your good friend to mind as clearly as you can and observe your emotional response. Then wish your good friend well, notice any expansiveness in your awareness..

4) In the third stage bring a neutral person to mind as clearly as you can. Again observe your response, focus on the positive and wish them well, making sure you stay with awareness of the person..

5) In the fourth stage bring to mind the difficult person and work in the stage as previously. Do give yourself ‘space’ to experience your response and don’t give yourself a hard time !

6) For the final stage bring all four people to mind and try to wish them all well equally. Then expand your awareness to include more and more people including other beings if you wish.div>