The Living Mandala


 What is an archetype?

 The Mandala of Archetypes

 More Archetypal mandalas

 The Noble Eight-Fold Path

 The Mandala of 'Dharmic

 The mythology of 'Dharmic

 Dharmic archetypes and the
        Bodhisattva concept

 Dharmic archetypes as antidotes
         to the 'Seven deadly sins'

 Dharmic archetypes in relation to
       'Faith, Hope and Charity'

 Dharmic archetypes and the
       'Holy Trinity'

 Dharmic archetypes in relation to
         the dynamics of consciousness

 Dharmic archetypes in relation to
         the reactive - creative continuum

 The mandala of 'Spiritual

 The practical application of
         Spiritual Permaculture

 Dharmic Archetypes in relation
         to the 8 Great Bodhisattvas

  Tim Freke's 'Lucid Living'
        insights & Dharmicarchetypes

 Dharmic Archetypes in relation
         to the Guhyasamaja Tantra

  Dharmic Archetypes compared
       to the 6 senses of Hindu and
        Buddhist tradition.

  Dharmic Archetypes compared
       to the 8 Great Stupas of
        Buddhist tradition.

  Possible evidence for a
       Cosmic 8 - fold mandala.

  The eight archetypes compared
       to 'Nine Waves of Creation'.

  A possible future global
       mandala scenario.

 Dharmic Archetypes applied
       to meditation pracice

 Website addendum

Welcome and thank you for visiting this website, I hope you find it interesting and maybe even useful !

I have set up the site in order to disseminate some correspondences that I have found between the mythologies of various cultures and a fundamental teaching from the Buddhist tradition. This relationship is not to be found in traditional Buddhism, being a result of my own personal observations and studies over a number of years. I plan to update the site on a regular basis.

The site consists of three main sections:

1) An introduction to what I shall call Archetypal Mandalas which offer a universal method of presenting the principal mythological figures of virtually any culture.

2) An introduction to a key Buddhist teaching followed by an explanation of how it is linked to this universal archetypal pattern.

3) An addendum page including access to relevant links.

Website created by:     John Bradford, 2001 CE.

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