John's approach to meditation teaching

I believe meditation can be a valuable tool for the vast majority of people. As well as helping manage stress it can increase one's sense of wellbeing and provide a fascinating method of self - development.

I have been practising a variety of meditation forms, mostly from the Buddhist tradition, for over twenty years and have been teaching meditation and leading groups for the past eight years. A few years ago I had the opportunity to lead a short meditation session on TV. This was part of an investigation into the effects of various activities on stress levels for Channel four's popular science show 'Men in White

One of the main difficulties encountered by meditation practitioners is the maintenance of focus in their practice, this is due to the natural tendency of the mind to drift off the object of concentration. Over the years I have developed an approach to meditation which emphasises emotional engagement with the various stages of the practice, which I now incorportate into my meditation teaching. I have found this approach to be very beneficial in helping to maintain focus when practicing meditation.

The meditations I teach

My classes are based on three traditional meditation practices: The mindfullness of Breathing, the Metta Bhavana (cultivation of loving kindness) and sitting in awareness. These three meditations, all originating from methods going back several thousand years, have been shown to usefully complement each other to give a well balanced meditation practice.